The Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room at Syracuse Hancock Airport
Gregory J. Harris Military Courtesy Room


MIA-POW table The POW/MIA Issue is as old as war itself. The idea of holding enemy troops dates back to before there was written language, before there was modern weaponry, etc. Yet with the dawn of politics and post-war reparations to muddy the waters, it has become a complex and often misunderstood part of military history. Many POW/MIA Families of today also find themselves up against the vagueness of the phrases, "due to national security" which is quite often used not so much to protect a nation, as much as an individual or group of individuals who, made a decision in real time that today, would be seen as ill-thought out or even unconscionable.

POW/MIA Families, advocates and researchers wade through a web of intrigue that more than rivals any piece of fiction ever written. Yet their battle flag remains held high and their resolve strong because every American lost in the fog of war deserves to be buried in the soil that they gave their life for no matter the conflict or the circumstance.

Below are links to the most prominent sites within the POW/MIA Issue to learn more.

  1. National Alliance of Families

  2. P.O.W. Network

  3. Korean War POW/MIA Network

  4. Coalition of Families of Korean War and Cold War POW/MIAs

  5. Adopt a POW/MIA

  6. Rolling Thunder

  7. Freedom of Information Act for POW/MIA documents


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